Bill Bright

The following questions will help you review this Step. If necessary, reread the appropriate lessons.

Write the divisions of the books of the Bible and the name of each book in each division. Review any division you do not know well.


How would you explain the statement, "Christ is the central person of the Bible?"


Who do you think is the real source of the authority of Scripture? Describe how this is evident in biblical history.

Name at least three things the Word of God accomplishes that indicate its supernatural power.

Write several changes that the Bible has made in your life. Be specific.

Why do you need the Word of God? What steps will you take to be fully prepared for serious study of the Bible?

Life Application

Begin a journal of what you are learning through your Bible study. Buy a small notebook and record:

  • The portion of Scripture you are studying.
  • The method you are using.
  • Date.
  • Lesson that is important to you.
  • How you can apply it to your life.
  • Results of previous lessons you have applied to your daily situations.

    Also, write prayer requests and answers as well as verses you have memorized. When you finish your study, begin with another portion of Scripture.

Periodically review your journal to see how you are growing spiritually and to remind yourself of important lessons you have learned.



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